Ideal World? I am ready!

Our Christmas City of the North is embarking on a search for a safe, ideal world.

At no time of the year is the yearning for such a world so great. But that also applies to the likelihood of experiencing it. So it’s only logical that we start our search together at this precise time.

The real Ideal World consists largely of hope. Of the belief that it really does exist. Of our imagination to fantasise about it. And sometimes of hard work – because what looks easy often turns out to be difficult. The Ideal World may sometimes manifest itself as a mere fragment, a self-contained moment that enriches your life – even if the world around us has become harder for all of us. It may not require a full utopia but it definitely needs good moments. Many. Small ones. Beautiful ones.

We would like to acquaint you with 24 special Ideal World moments in small display cases in the Christmas stalls in lower Breite Straße which residents of Lübeck have entrusted to us. As inspiration. For your own moments.

And for all those who prefer the digital world: discover it right here.          

24 Ideal World Moments

The carpet slipper hero moment

Warm and cosy on the inside, peaceful on the outside.

I love to go camping. Before and now even more so with my husband and children. The most sacred moment for me is early in the morning when it’s still cold under the canopy. That’s when we put on our carpet slippers and enjoy a cuddle together. M.O.

The cookie dough moment

Lose yourself in the mixing bowl.

I have always loved baking. As a child with my parents and grandparents, later for friends and colleagues at work and now with my own children and their friends. And as nice as it is to bake together and as tasty as the biscuits, cakes and tarts turn out – the best moment is when you get to lick the bowl. K.L.

The music-making moment

I call the tune – my way.

My parents always wanted me to learn a musical instrument but I was always very successful in resisting. In the last few years, I discovered the guitar for myself. Sometimes I play with friends around the camp fire, but most of all I prefer to play on my own. I decide the beat, the rhythm and the melody. I call the tune – my own way. B.M.

The “comfort is everything”-moment

2 gnomes & 2 large coffees

Usually the little one is the first to creep into the bed, and a little later, the big one arrives and cuddles up between us. Served with two morning coffees and two little bottles of milk. This one moment. Every morning. Snuggle cuddling with the whole family. It doesn’t get any cosier.​​​​​​​ A.R.

The Pom-Bear moment

When my granny discovers something new.

My granny has had dementia for a few years. The time I get to spend with her is beautiful and sad at the same time. Her world is steadily shrinking. On my last visit, I brought Pom-Bears and she discovered salty crisps – at the age of 94. There are always beautiful moments, however short they are. A.G.

The make your own Christmas decorations moment

Making Christmas decorations under professional supervision

For me, the best thing about Christmas was getting ready for it. Of course, national holidays are also magnificent but the anticipatory thrill and the many jobs to be done together before Christmas Eve arrives, those are my best childhood memories. Making Bascetta stars with my mum on long afternoons – that’s Christmas for me. L.M.

The “lose yourself in a book” moment

Imagination takes over from reality.

Everyday life is often hard to cope with. Right now, there are many issues on my mind that set my thoughts racing. When I read a book, I can travel in my head, become part of the story, lose myself in a different world and in this way recharge my batteries. I.H.

The green moment

Looking at green, immersing yourself in the green, embracing the green.

I love to escape the hustle and bustle for a little while. Then I go forest bathing in the midst of greenery. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the silence to the fullest. My greenest moment of the day. L.C.

The “Go forth, my heart, and seek delight” moment

Don’t just send my heart on its travels. 

Some people say you have to find your own homeland. I always carry my homeland in my heart. When I’m travelling, getting to know strange cultures or losing myself in unfamiliar cities, new impressions rain down on me – then I feel at home. T.M.Z.

The “Your everyday life is their childhood” moment

Playing. Hungry. Playing. Thirsty. Looking at books. Telling tall stories. Laughing yourself silly. Hiccups. Pancakes. Continue playing. Smooching. Getting up to nonsense. Rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar. Bedtime story. A peck on the cheek. Thirsty. Dreamland.

When the past doesn’t matter and the principle of future is not yet clear. When time is constantly in the now. Then every moment is a special moment. All children

The “call of the mountain” moment

Ascent. Peak. Freedom. Expanse.

As a child, I used to hate hiking with my family. These days, I can hardly wait to conquer new peaks on holiday. The exertion of the climb banishes all my worries and I am solely focused on the steep path in front of me. And when I then stand on the summit, such a vast expanse, so much horizon, that makes everything ok. L.M.

The “Without music, life is a mistake” moment

Pop music is escapism in its purest form.

For many people, pop music is just shallow entertainment. It has followed me all through my life. As soon as I hear music, a music video starts to play in my head. Again and again. And a different one every time. Nothing can make me happy or sad so quickly. Music is always there. Music doesn’t ask questions. Music understands. The soundtrack to my life. C.L.

The “best thing about being an adult” moment

The paradise lies in the broken chocolate heaven. Definitely.

The best thing about being a grown-up? Undoubtedly having unlimited access to chocolate. When I allow myself a large piece of broken chocolate at the weekend in my favourite armchair, a Cheshire cat could take a leaf out of my book. W.W.

The dreamcatcher moment

At night, I let my thoughts wander far afield.

Even as a child, I couldn’t understand how you were supposed to pack all the things you wanted to discover into just one life. And even if my life is topsy-turvy, the day is never long enough for me. So every night, I go on my travels. In my dreams, I am all those things that I would never manage to be if I only had the days. D.S.

The “I camp therefore I am” moment

With my coffee cup in my hand, I watch the sun rise every morning.

I love adventures and I feel most at home when I’m travelling. A few years ago, I bought a camper van – the best decision of my life. Since then, the camper van and I spend our weekends together. By the lake, in the woods, on the beach. That moment in the morning when I watch the sun rise holding my cup of coffee – that’s the Ideal World for me. A.G.

The “after work is finished” moment

Job done.

I like to work. Work gives structure to everyday life as well as offering a social framework and social space. I enjoy seeing things to a successful conclusion. The most beautiful moment, however, comes when I sit down in our garden after work in summer and watch the clouds go by. Fulfilled. Satisfied. Happy. K.S.

The “day at the seaside” moment

Actually, my soul is always at the seaside.

I moved to Lübeck to be nearer the sea. When I sit on the beach in Travemünde, the sand between my toes, the sun above me and the blue Baltic Sea before me, my longings subside. At that moment, I have arrived. M.H.

The “dance with me” moment

Only the music and me. And suddenly, everything is very light.

When I let the music take me, I can feel my own body. I float over the ground with ease and let the rhythm inspire me. Then I feel alive and I leave all negative thoughts behind me. W.B.

The knitting dolly moment

The longer you knit, the clearer your thoughts become.

At some point I started knitting. Long after students used to knit in lecture theatres but also long before it became really “hip” again. I can’t knit particularly quickly but I really like knitting. When I hear the clicking of the needles and the wool thread slowly becomes a scarf or a pullover, I am completely at one with myself. And while I knit, my thoughts wander far afield. R.M.

The ultimate Christmas moment

Three wishes for Cinderella.

The Ideal World in a nutshell. No film says Christmas for me more than “Three Wishes for Cinderella”. The first bars of the theme tune are enough to put me in the mood for Christmas straight away. If wishes can ever come true, surely only in conjunction with nuts. D.A.

Moment of peace


Peace. All of us

The wanderlust moment

The scent of the big wide world.

After two years of the coronavirus, I left Germany to go on holiday for the first time again last summer. We were in Greece for ten days. In the middle of summer. At the heart of the action. Immersed in life. Right at the start of the trip, I bought some perfume and wore it every day. And whenever I wear it now, my thoughts take me back to this holiday which will always remain a very special one. S.W.

The white moment

Softly falls the snow.

I grew up in the mountains. For me, snow was always a sign that Christmas was just around the corner. Even today, nothing is more beautiful for me than when the first snow of the year arrives. I am in love with snow. Snow shrouds everything in white. It creates peace and quiet amid the chaos. It enchants the unenchanted. S.

The ring moment

My grandpa’s ring – my daily inspiration.

The wedding ring of my grandpa Karl which goes back to 1936 reminds me every morning how lucky I am and how many reasons I have to be cheerful and thankful. This ring for which grandpa found a new hiding place every day through his long years as a prisoner of war, served him as a bridge to his family to whom he was finally allowed to return in May 1948. For me, too, it symbolises hope and confidence. B.S.

Your Ideal World moment

You have struck gold in your search for the Ideal World and you would like to share a special moment with us? In that case, write to us at until the end of the year. We are giving away 10 cosy coffee moments for two in our Schneckenhaus at Holsten Gate among all entries.


Wishing trees

By the way: In Lübeck, three wishing trees are waiting for your personal Christmas wishes. Simply fill out the wish tag, hang it on a branch and let the magic begin! You will find them at the European Hansemuseum, Schrangen and at the corner of Breite Straße/Mengstraße.

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