Here today, there tomorrow

You are my summer

Lübeck is YOUR city! Discover Lübeck's spontaneous cultural scene all over the Old Town, special locations and the many artists who are finally back live on stage for you again. Lively, high-quality, random and in the right place at the right time - that's the idea behind our new event series POPUP LÜBECK. It's all about small, very personal cultural experiences and encounters full of music and poetry. If you're lucky, you'll meet us. We have a mini stage in our luggage, a mobile bar and tables and chairs so that you can enjoy your cultural moment in a relaxed way. Of course, we'll keep our distance, check you in and out via the luca app and comply with the Covid-19-related rules. Just drop by!

Bring the action

will.i.am & Britney Spears

What can you expect of POPUP LÜBECK?


Cultural moments of POPUP LÜBECK can be enjoyed quite spontaneously in the Old Town. Preferably with sunshine and good mood. What plays a big role is experiencing the moments and places randomly. If you are lucky, you’re in! We will appear at special places, come with great artists and a varied programme from live music to theatre and acting up to casual DJ events. You won’t find a big stage, we will rather be mobile with light and flexible equipment. At our little bar we serve beverages and seating areas invite you to listen, chat and linger.

Where will POPUP LÜBECK take place?

These cultural moments seem to appear out of the blue in public places in the Old Town. And as quickly as the event is set up, it is also gone again just like that. Enjoy the moment of surprise of POPUP!

When will POPUP take place the next time?

The next date will be announced in spring 2022. Basically, however, we decide quite spontaneously when and where we turn up again. The weather is good, the place is perfect - and overnight we set up a place for spontaneous cultural moments. You'll find out when and where we’ll meet three days in advance on Facebook and Instagram. Just follow us!

Who is POPUP LÜBECK made for?

POPUP LÜBECK is made for everyone. Here you can comfortably listen to artists’ performing, meet friends and family, make new friends or just have fun. It will be a place for encounters and dialogue– from person to person, from old to young, from guest to citizen and always with lots of love towards the cultural scene of Lübeck.

What’s the entrance fee for POPUP LÜBECK?

Except for a smile visiting POPUP Lübeck costs you nothing. We want everyone to have fun without paying anything. Just come and join us!

How sustainable is the concept?

The POPUP LÜBECK concept puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability in all areas. For example, we use fair-trade coffee in our small integrated catering unit and offer various regional and high-quality products. Tableware and cutlery are recyclable or biodegradable and we try to avoid waste wherever possible. Our mobile furniture was produced in a resource-saving manner by local service providers or recycled from used material. It is used repeatedly to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible. The POPUP LÜBECK locations in public areas are powered by green electricity. And last but not least, we naturally ensure that the artists receive a fair performance fee.

Who had the idea, who invented it?

One can say that POPUP LÜBECK is an innovative work of art. Many creative minds and hard-working hands were involved from planning to implementation. From our project idea and development of the concept to the designs and construction of our mobile furniture by the agency "Design for Human Nature" and the participating carpentry and locksmith workshops to the implementation on site by our event team. And we sincerely thank the Possehl Foundation for sponsoring the project.

Design for Human Nature GmbH
Possehl Stiftung
Lübeck und Travemünde Marketing GmbH

Tischlerei Jens Meyer
Wroblewski Schmiede-Metallbau Rehna GmbH
Raumgestaltung Ulf Jurkowski, Ratzeburg
Segelmacherei Nicas Otto




days ahead we will tell you where POPUP Lübeck will take place the next time



Our drinks

Something soft for the start

Our all-rounder which we also have on board. If you are brave, go ahead and ask what kind of delicious lemonades we provide other than this.

fritz (0,33l) • € 2,50
coke | coke sugar free | mixed | orange | apple fizz | rhubarb

Mineral water (0,33l) • € 2 
Viva con Agua loud or quiet

Beer or wine, what are you in the mood for?

Mostly, we offer beer from the Ratsherrn brewery. But sometimes we also have special offers from one of our local breweries in our fridge.

Beer (0,33l) • € 3,50 
Pils | light | alster (made of Pilsner beer and soda)| alcohol free

Wine (0,2l) • € 5 
White wine | red wine

Prosecco (0,1l) • € 3

Shaken or stirred?

Classy but sassy! Explore your all-time favourites brand-new!

Aperol Sprizz | Lillet Wild Berry (0,25l) • € 5 

Gin Tonic (0,25l) • € 5 
Gin (name follows) with Tonic Water and lime 

KöniGin Tonic (0,25l) • € 5
Marzipan-Gin with Tonic Water and lime
The ultimate one: Ginger Ale instead of Tonic Water

Raspberry Mojito (0,25l) • € 6 
with rum, raspberries, maple syrup, soda, mint, lime and cane sugar

Virgin Raspberry Mojito (0,25l) • € 6 
with raspberries, maple syrup, soda, mint, lime and cane sugar

And where do you get your coffee?

Without portafilter – without us! Organic milk? With oat milk? Lactose free-milk? CHECK! And from which small roastery is the coffee from? 

Espresso • € 1,50 
Americano • € 2 
Cappuccino • € 2,50
Sweetened Cold Brew • € 3

Only coffee pots outside?

Your drink will come in bottles, cups or in a RECUP. For everything that helps keeping you hydrated we will be taking a deposit of 1€. Our cups live in a pack and their home is with us. Please bring them back to our pack. However, if you fell like taking your cup (or the glass drinking straw) home with you, come to the bar and purchase both for 5€.

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