Queen of the Hanseatic League

Welcome to Lübeck

Joyful, lively, serene - that's Lübeck's heartbeat, which pulsates through the winding streets of the island-shaped Old Town and fills the impressive brick architecture with life. Our Nordic beauty has retained the charm of the original port city and welcomes you openly with its motto "Concordia domi foris pax" - harmony inside, peace outside. A feeling of community accompanies you on your way past the historical monuments made of red brick: here we take care of each other and are always happy to welcome friends from near and far.

Go with the flow and stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage Site without any care, breathe history, discover art and culture sometimes in unexpected places and experience Lübeck's elixir of life, the waterways connecting Lübeck and the Baltic Sea! You are more than welcome!

Travel to Lübeck safely

We take care of each other and want you to feel safe. Dealing thoughtfully with the challenges of COVID-19 is one aspect of our mindful approach. Please make sure you check the latest updates before travelling.


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spires characterise Lübeck's famous silhouette.


winding alleys and beautiful courtyards can still be discovered today


was the year, when UNESCO awarded Lübeck's Old Town the status of a Heritage Site

After all, you cannot be totally indifferent towards a town, that you dedicate a book with elevenhundred pages to.

Thomas Mann, 1903

World Heritage

The Old Town - treasure-filled island awarded by UNESCO in 1987.


Museum Harbour

Home to more than 20 lovingly preserved traditional ships.


Holsten Gate

The late-Gothic building is one of the remains of the fortifications.


5 Gothic churches

Unique and proud landmarks of Lübeck's eventful history.



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